Friday, 3 March 2017

Spring Sewing Plans & Fabrics

I really wanted to title this post "March Sewing Plans & Fabrics" but I suspect I'd be over committing myself a little! I thought I'd share which patterns I'm planning to make over the next couple of months and the fabrics I've chosen for them. Hopefully writing it all down here will make me a little more accountable to use up these pieces of stash rather than being distracted by the new and shiny. Who am I kidding?

Starting at the top of the heap... 

Juliet's 1st Birthday Dress - Geranium

My little baby is one in just over a week - how did this even happen?? I made the Geranium Dress from Made by Rae back in December for Juliet, it's such a perfect basic little girl's dress, well worth the investment. I find with baby sewing it's the fabric that does the talking and the simplicity of this pattern means that those gorgeous prints can be shown off.

The above fabric is by Lewis and Irene and I picked it up in my local fabric shop recently. I'm planning on using the white base for the bodice and the blue for the skirt. I'm going to sew View A and add the ruffle sleeve, once I've made it up I think I'll pop to the local market and see if I can find some cute trims to add. I'm thinking maybe some tulle underneath and a little ric rac around the bottom, is it even possible to be OTT with a first birthday dress? Of course not!

Spring Carolyn Pajamas - Closet Case Files 

How beautiful is this cotton?! I picked it up on a trip to Harrogate last summer with my Mum. I've already made a pair of Carolyn Pajamas and the pattern is just amazing. For my second pair I'm thinking short sleeves but long legs. I can't wait to wake up on brighter mornings in these!

Floral Tulip Skirt - Sew Over It

I made the majority of this skirt back in September! It's been languishing at the bottom of my sewing basket since then, waiting to be finished. I am a terrible procrastinator when it comes to finishing, especially if it involves hand sewing. All I need to do is slip stitch the waistband down and it's ready to wear, so a quiet evening in front of the TV should sort that one out. The fabric is a gorgeous stretch cotton which again came from my local market last year. Pattern is the lovely Tulip Skirt from Sew Over It.

Pink Heather Dress - Sew Over It

This pattern joined my collection when I joined the Sew Over It PDF club. The fabric is a lightweight sweatshirting from my stash which came from Abkhan in Preston some time ago. I no longer buy from the remnant bins in Abakhan, despite their amazing potential for bargains I've had my fingers burned too many times with poor quality, strange marks and misprints. I know that this is the risk you take but I'd rather invest a little more if I'm putting the effort in to sew a whole piece of clothing.

I'm a little nervous about the fabric choice but I guess I have nothing to lose given that it's from deep stash. I've folded it back a little in the first photo to show you the reverse side, it's loop backed and a very pretty colour so fingers crossed it should work out.

Upcycling - Grandma's Nightie

This last entry is unusual for me. Upcycling is something I have never tried but my Mum passed on this beautiful nightie of my Grandma's recently and suggested that I made it into something for Juliet. I love the baby blue and the scalloped hem would be stunning on a baby dress. I think whilst I have the Geranium pattern out I'll have a fiddle and see what I can come up with.

What are you sewing this spring? Let me know in the comments - I'd love to hear from you!

Hopefully I'll be reporting back soon with some finished sews.

Until next time :-)

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  1. I came across Lewis and Irene a few months ago: they have some lovely designs with pretty colours - I'm sure Juliet will look a treat in her new dress! And the upcycling project sounds good, a bit of a challenge.
    Last summer I cut out SOI's Doris dress - and it hasn't progressed at all beyond this stage, can you believe! The invisible zip is my stumbling block but I haven't even reached the 'insert zip' stage! I am off work this coming week and I plan to get to grips with it...